Work Psychology

Work Psychology

Assessment & Consultation Services for individuals and organizations

Meditation & Hypnosis

Meditation & Hypnosis

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Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Sex/Porn

Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Sex/Porn

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PARTS offers Psychological Assessment, Treatment, and Referral Services. This extensive web site contains information about the wide range of services we offer.

We provide clinical services locally at our two offices in Austin, Texas. We also deliver clinical and consulting services through online collaboration, visitation and self-guided products.


Meet Our Clinicians

Bill Dubin

Dr. William J Dubin

Deals with emotional and addictive issues.

Tina Dubin

Dr. Bettina Dubin

Specializes in relationship issues.


Dr. David Dubin

Specializes in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Psychological Assessment.

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