Geriatric Alcohol & Drug Abuse Clinic

  • Personalized Assessment Referral & Treatment Services
  • Family Consultation/ Collaboration

Accurate assessment and evaluation of an elderly client with alcohol and drug abuse problems is very often ignored. Symptoms of abuse can look similar to general symptoms of “just getting old.” Decreased tolerance, mixing of medications and general physical, psychological and social changes make diagnosis challenging. The problem is often avoided but can be addressed in a caring, gentle but firm fashion.

Counseling and appropriate interventions are highly individualized to suit the needs of the individual. Often the client is best described as one with “late onset” of alcohol or drug problems. Counseling recommended for this group is different than working with a 40 year old. Interventions range from brief therapy sessions to collaboration and referral to more intensive treatment programs.

Family consultations are often indicated. Having family involvement is usually in the best interest of the client. Collaboration on how best for the family to deal with this issue is valuable for all.

Partnering with client, family or caregiver to create a plan for more intense treatment when indicated helps provide the best possible referral for the client. Choosing the best facility for detox or residential treatment should be done carefully so the client’s needs are met.

We provide ongoing support, monitoring and linking to community 12 step groups. The best outcome for someone in recovery involves support over the long run. The alcohol or drug problem does not disappear upon graduation from a program. Instead it is a start of a journey best achieved with partners.