Psychological ARTS has been providing Psychological Assessment, Referral, and Treatment Services in the Austin and Central Texas area for more than 25 years. PARTS is literally a “mom and pop” organization: The senior clinicians and clinical directors, Drs. Tina and Bill Dubin, are licensed psychologists who have been married for nearly 30 years. Their clinical interests and personal style correspond to gender stereotypes.

Tina is interested in intimate and inter-generational relationships, women’s issues, women support groups, and collaborating with her clients to develop effective resolutions to difficult situations. Tina offers a warm and supportive environment in which you can look at your situation, explore your feelings, and determine what to do. You may .

Bill is interested in Mood Disorders [anger, anxiety, depression] and Incentive Use Disorders [addictive relationship with a substance such as alcohol or food or an activity such gambling or sex/pornography]. Bill works collaboratively with clients to help them understand the trap into which they have fallen so they can escape it and prevent relapse. You may .

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