Contacting Us

  1. Questions? To contact us electronically, please Click Here
  2. To schedule an initial appointment, or to speak with us by phone during office business hours, call: (512) 343-8307
  3. When you call you will probably speak to Brooke or Katherine, who can answer any non-clinical questions, and guide you to the intake forms.
  4. You may complete the intake forms in advance by downloading them from our Forms Section. If you do not complete the forms in advance, you will have to arrive for your first appointment about 10 minutes early to complete them in the office.
  5. We generally call clients about a day in advance to remind them of their appointment time. Feel free to provide guidance about how you would like to be contacted.


Our services are delivered by appointment only, and appointments may be scheduled weekdays, weekday evenings until 10PM and weekends.

As a courtesy, we will file your insurance claim on your behalf. When scheduling your first appointment, our office staff will obtain your insurance information for verification purposes. Once your insurance has been verified, we will contact you with the coverage details of your insurance plan.

This is an individual session, and your therapist has reserved this time for you alone. Consequently, it is important to us that you show up on time. If you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment, give us at least 24 hour notice.

Links to Local Resources

For phone numbers and links to local referral and emergency services, please click here.

For Bill’s Clients

Please click here for a description of Bill’s collaborative approach.

My objective is helping clients respond in accord with their interests and principles during times when doing so is difficult. Talk therapy helps us understand the nature of the problem and how to solve it. The hard part, of course, is performing as intended during the real time crises that arise. These critical, high-risk situations occur during  the interval between sessions [Inter-Session-Interval]. During our face-to-face sessions we can only fantasize about the details of the crisis and how you should and do respond.  The closer  our collaboration can get to  these crucial moments, the greater will be its influence.  For tools, forms and exercises to be used between sessions, please click here.