Lost opportunities cannot be recovered. However, you do not have to continue to follow a self-sabotaging path.  Your heroic responsibility is to get yourself to act in accord with your interests and principles.

Psychological ARTS is a mom and pop psychological practice. Drs. Tina and Bill Dubin are both licensed psychologists, and each has been treating people with depressive disorders for more than three decades.  While they are married to each other, they focus on treating different kinds of depression with different clinical strategies.

Therapy for Depression – Tina’s Perspective

Tina is interested in the story of your depression and the context in which it occurs. What your depression is about, and how you view yourself in the story. Tina is also interested in how your situation or environment contributes to your mood. Her depression therapy strategies often involve ways to manage your emotions until you can create a better situation or find an environment that offers a better fit for you. Social support can be a significant container and buffer for difficult emotions; Tina creates groups for folks in similar circumstances who might benefit from the support of one another. Please click here to learn more about Tina’s supportive approach to treating depression.

Therapy for Depression – Bill’s Perspective

Depression makes you think and act in ways that produce outcomes that are depressing. The key to the solution lies in the way you react to things that happen. Bill collaborates with clients to figure out their particular puzzle and develop the skills and faculties to act in accord with their interests and principles, rather than follow their current default path. The changes that result from learning to influence your motivational state, unlike the effects of a medication, are irreversible. Please click here to learn more about Bill’s collaborative method of helping you understand how your depressive trap works so that you can escape it and prevent relapse.

Therapy for Depression – Other Clinicians

Our staff includes clinicians with specialized training and interests in children with depression [Judith Arrow] and victims of trauma [Robyn Zymowski]. To learn more about them and the other clinicians that make up our group, please click here.