Consultation Services

ADHD Information/Consultation

Most appropriate for parents whose children have been diagnosed with ADHD. We provide education about the nature of difficulties associated with ADHD, educational laws about services at school, and treatments available. Comprehensive documentation is provided and the parent is encouraged to discuss specific concerns about the child’s functioning.

Brief Behavioral Consultation

1- or 2- session consultation, most appropriate for parents seeking advice or coaching on behavior management for a specific problem (i.e. helping the child build friendships, teaching the child to follow parental instructions). The consultation includes brief education on the parenting technique best matched to the child’s specific problem and the parent is coached in using the technique.

Extended Behavioral Consultation

4- or 5- session consultation, most appropriate for parents seeking in-depth consultation on parenting children with emotional or behavioral difficulties. The collaborative relationship is tailored to the particular needs of child and family. The parent is extensively coached in using the recommended techniques.