Couples Therapy

Tina and Bill are psychologists who have been in practice together and marital partners for 25 years. They have each dedicated their careers to studying intimate and family relationships, and have collaborated on this section to provide a male and female perspective.

As therapists we have heard the stories of many individuals and each biography is amazing. To be sure, some people are better story tellers than others, but fiction can never be more than a pale imitation of the adventures that people live.

The story of your path through life, including how you relate to your loved ones, is all the more suspenseful because its outcome is partially determined by the choices you make at critical, often stressful, moments. What happens to you and your relationships depends upon how you perform in real time. You are the star of this story and areresponsible for the quality of the biography you create. If anger or misunderstanding diminish the quality of your life or your partnership, the masculine perspective offered by Bill or the feminine perspective offered by Tina may be helpful.

Bill is focused on helping people solve the problems that cause partners to diminish the quality of each other’s lives.

Tina, on the other hand, is interested in the story and the context in which it occurs; her focus is on goodness of fit between you and your social environment, which includes lovers, parents, children, co-workers, etc.

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