Forensic Assessment Services

Court-Ordered/Court-Related (Forensic) Evaluations

We work with individuals, attorneys, judges, probation departments, and correctional facilities to provide comprehensive psychological assessments related to a number of legal issues such as:


Child Custody– to assess the individual and family factors that affect the best psychological interests of the child. Please Click Here.

Adoptions– to assess each individual involved in an adoption matter, including to determine the adequacy of the prospective parent’s parenting abilities

Divorce/Legal Separation– including an individual’s capacity to take care of themselves after a divorce, or employability, which can determine distribution of assets following divorce

Civil Competencies-

  Executing a will
  Medical directives
  Assignment of power of attorney
Assignment of trust account

Personal Injury– to assess changes in cognitive, personality, and emotional functioning following an alleged injury


Competency to Stand Trial– to determine whether the defendant possesses sufficient mental capacity to understand basic court proceedings as well as to interact with his or her attorney so as to assist in his or her defense

Mental Status at the Time of the Offense (Insanity)– to determine whether an individual was suffering from a mental illness or defect at the time the offense was committed and whether or not he or she was able to appreciate the wrongfulness of the act

Mitigating Factors/Sentencing Evaluations– comprehensive evaluations focusing on the identification of psychological factors which may impact sentencing in both death-penalty and non-death-penalty cases

Sexual Offending– comprehensive evaluations regarding psychological functioning, sexual behaviors, and risk of sexual offense recidivism

Violence/Dangerousness Risk– to evaluate a number of factors which can influence an individual’s risk of committing future acts of violence

DUI Evaluations

* Expert testimony can be provided as needed subsequent to any of the above evaluations