One of every two smokers dies from smoking, which suggests that the costs of using nicotine are greater than its benefits. It is not that nicotine users are unaware of how terrible a deal it is. The reason why they keep smoking is that their attempts to quit end up in relapse.

Deciding to quit smoking, dipping, or using other nicotine delivery systems, is not sufficient. You must also be able to prevent relapse. Dr. Bill Dubin has been helping nicotine addicts quit the habit and prevent relapse for more than 25 years, and has developed some effective methods and tools during his many collaborations with smokers and dippers who have completed the same treacherous passage you are about to undertake. .

Even if you have relapsed before, you can develop the skills and faculties to escape this addictive trap and and prevent relapse if you use the right tools. There are several paths to good long-term outcome. For many people hypnosis provides an easy path through the quitting stage. To get a feel for this approach you may download a sample audio file designed to promote Nicotine Cessation at no charge.

The real measure of success is good long-term outcome. Will you be smoking a year from now? Our program is focused on good long-term outcome as defined as being abstinent from nicotine two years after treatment.

There are many free resources [tools and strategies] available on this web site. Please take advantage of them. If you find this approach to be well matched with your attributes and circumstances, you are likely to respond well to the relapse prevention program we offer.

This approach is not for everyone, However, individuals with good cognitive abilities and a practical, self-directed orientation will benefit from many of the tools and tactics presented here free of charge. To help determine whether a 12-Step treatment program or a change strategy based on enhancing your ability to cope with stress and temptation is a better match for you, please take The Treatment Matching Test. This confidential assessment is scored on your computer and is available at no charge. If you find that our self-directed approach matches your attributes, you may begin your passage to good outcome by assessing your current vulnerabilities using the Trap Detector. Use these results to guide your way through the materials available on this web site, or to discuss with one of our clinicians online.

Our self-guided treatment manual: The Path of Greatest Advantage. is available for sale, and is recommended for those who are well matched with this approach.

Those who can travel to our office in Austin, Texas can work directly with Dr. Dubin. The two-hour therapy session is split between hypnotherapy to promote nicotine cessation and relapse prevention treatment to promote good long-term outcome. The fee for this program is $280. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call our office (512) 343-8307. Smokers and nicotine users who do not live in Central Texas may purchase our self-guided treatment manual: The Path of Greatest Advantage.