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How can Psychological A.R.T.S. help with your business problems?

Psychological ARTS provides custom solutions for each client. While other consulting firms may pigeon hole your issues in products they have premade, we view each client intervention as an opportunity to examine all levels of the organization. In other words, we do not provide a quick Band-Aid fix to symptoms, but go right to the root of the problem. Psychological ARTS does not sell products, we provide solutions to organizations. Give us a call at 512-343-8307 for more information on any of the services below.

Our Services

Individual Assessment

Individual assessment provides a multidimensional view of high potential candidates by utilizing several different types of assessments and a rich employee interview. Psychological ARTS has decades of combined experience in individual assessments in high stakes settings (e.g., forensic and employment). From this experience, we are able to integrate information and provide a clear picture of a candidate and their ability to perform and fit into a particular job role.

Job Analysis

How do you define “success” at your organization? A job analysis is the scientific way to determine how success is defined, which is the first step to choosing the best employees. A job analysis is also useful for compensation, promotion, performance appraisal, training program development, job descriptions, classification, and evaluation, job and team design, career management systems, and Equal Employment Opportunity compliance. Click on the “Job Analysis” heading to find out more information.


How do you know your hiring assessments are working? We can help by validating your employee selection techniques via legally accepted standards. This will not only help to ensure your assessment is selecting high quality employees, but it will provide you the documentation necessary should you ever be challenged by the EEOC.

Interview Coaching

Interviewing is the most commonly used personnel assessment. Let our experts train your staff in the best way to provide behavioral interviews.

Automate Applications

Stop reading through resumes, curriculum vitae, or applications. Psychological ARTS can help automate the hiring process where only applicants who meet job-related minimum qualifications are passed along for review. This can save your organization hundreds of hours and maintain objectivity.

Organizational Analysis

What are your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement? Find out with Psychological ARTS customized surveys.

Employee Retention Surveys

Why are your employees leaving and, equally important, why are they staying? Psychological ARTS can answer these questions with customized surveys and exit interviews.

Hiring and Assessment

Whether you are looking for a customized assessment or you need assistance finding the right vendors to fit your needs, we can provide objective advice.

Litigation Support

Our experts can analyze your hiring data to assess your risk for adverse impact before an audit or complaint. Additionally, we can assist your legal team with expert advice.