For every man there is a bait which he cannot resist swallowing –Nietzsche

Anything that can deliver immediate gratification or relief can bait an addictive trap. If you knowingly act counter to your interests or principles because you cannot resist the bait of an addictive substance [e.g., alcohol, food, drug] or activity [e.g., gambling, sex/pornography, shopping], then you are in an addictive trap.

Falling in is easier than getting out, and most people who become dependent upon a substance or activity never regain their ability to act as intended during crises of stress and temptation.

Depending on an external agent of change, such as a treatment program or support group, is not a permanent solution for dependence, and most recipients of treatment based on the disease model relapse repeatedly.

The development of the ability to act in accord with your interests and principles emerges from a passage that no one can take for you nor spare you. The strategies and tools presented here have been developed over three decades of accompanying people through a developmental passage that you are about to undertake. If you are interested in giving this approach a try, please take a brief self-test [the Trap Detector], which will help you appreciate the nature of your particular trap

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