For every man there is a bait, which he cannot resist swallowing
– Nietzsche


This web site contains tools and strategies to help people stuck in a sex related addiction escape their trap and prevent relapse.  Everyone is different, so rather than reading about a particular theory of sex addiction or philosphy of treatment, please accept this invitation to sample some cogntive and behavioral strategies of change for yourself.

The first question for your personal research: Is this personal research strategy good for me? The Matching Self-Test will give you some data on whether this self-directed pathor a 12-step treatment program is best matched with your philosophy, personal attributes, and current circumstance. If you are, the next step is to learn about addictive traps. Complete the Trap Detector to identify the cause-and-effect principles that operate your addictive trap.

Dr. Dubin and our clinical staff are available for consultation and collaboration.  We are flexible and can work with you at any level you think is best.  For more information,  please call our office(512) 343-8307 or click the Contact Us Button.