Anger, Depression and Anxiety are normal emotional reactions to events that happen. Each of these emotional states influence how you think and act. A person has a mood disorder when his or her emotional reactions produces bad outcomes for the self or loved ones.

Medication can be a useful component of treatment, but its effects last only as long as you continue taking it. The skills and understanding that result from collaborating with a good therapist are irreversible.

Our senior clinicians Drs. Tina and Bill Dubin have worked with thousands of people suffering mood disorders for more than 30 years each. Their gender and treatment approaches are different. To compare their approaches and styles, contrast Mom’s approach to therapy for depression with Pop’s.

If you find that one of our approaches is well matched with your attributes, please contact us to let us know how we can be of assistance to you.

We provide treatment and consultation services for individuals and organizations at our two offices in Austin, TX and through our collaborative web sites and products to clients wherever they may be.