Traumatic Brain Injury

traumatic brain injury; class=Alcohol or drug use after a traumatic brain injury is a recipe for disaster. After a Traumatic Brain Injury the individual’s brain is working hard to heal, rejuvenate and compensate for any cognitive loss that may have occurred. Drinking or using drugs can drastically interfere with this process and can sabotage the rehabilitation efforts.

We have seen, over the years, several different scenarios with individuals who have a brain injury. In general the vast majority heed the Doctors instructions to not drink. There are however individuals who don’t take the advise and as a result find themselves having problems. The first group are individuals who’s drinking or drugging prior to the injury was clearly a problem and this behavior was directly or indirectly a cause of an accident that resulted in a brain injury. The other group is folks who were “social drinkers” or “recreational drug users” but because of the brain injury ongoing use has become problematic. Individuals in both of these groups should not drink or use other substances at all. We offer the individual guidance and support that is often needed to help the client and family design and implement an appropriate recovery program that can fit the client’s special needs.

Dr Dubin and Bill Peterman LMSW have extensive experience working with clients with a wide range of neurological impairments. Over 20 years ago Bill Peterman designed and implemented the first substance abuse program in the country for brain injury survivors while on staff at Healthcare Rehabilitation Center here in Austin. In addition Dr Dubin actively collaborated with the start up of this pioneer program.