No one is above the laws of biology and conditioning. You are not responsible for your genetic predisposition or your prior conditioning history, but now that you are an adult you are responsible for acting in accord with your interests and principles. Following a healthy lifestyle is certainly the responsible way to go, but making that happen requires more than simply deciding to do so (although making the decision is important), or following a diet, or participating in a weight loss program. As you have probably discovered through personal experience, vows, diets and weight loss programs don’t work.

If you are a good problem solver and can break free of magical thinking, you can develop strategies and perspectives that enable you to follow your path of greatest advantage, despite the influence of local stressors and temptations that would pull you in the direction of least resistance.

Weight management is a far more impressive challenge than most people realize. Because they misjudge the nature of the challenge most overeaters are demoralized by their failure to achieve good long-term outcome. In most cases, attempting to fix the problem does more harm than good. In technical terms, the loss of control over eating is an iatrogenic consequence of poorly conceived the treatment strategies.

Successful weight management, requires that treatment strategies be matched to the individual. We offer a range of assessment and treatment services to our clients in Austin, Texas. For individuals who are well matched with our approach but are geographically distant, we offer clinical tools, self-guided manuals, and online courses.

Mild to moderate obesity [less than 100% over ideal body weight]: Rather than fast weight loss, the goal of our collaboration is to enhance your ability to act in accord with your interests, even during crises of stress and temptation. This website contains links to practical methods to cope with crises, as well as trance formational exercises. Please take advantage of them. If you find this approach to be well matched with your attributes and circumstances, you are likely to respond well to our treatment and relapse prevention manual: The Path of Greatest Advantage.

Individuals who are more than 100% overweight tend to achieve the best long-term outcome from bariatric surgery. We offer Pre-Surgical Bariatric Psychological Evaluation and Post-Surgical Relapse Prevention Services

This website contains methods and tools to enhance the power of your will. This approach to change is quite different than treatment for food abuse based on the Disease Model of addiction. Rather than urge you to admit powerlessness over a disease and encourage you to turn responsibility for change over to a higher power, the methods and tools we offer can enhance your ability to act as you intend despite the influence of local stressors and temptations that promote relapse.

This approach is not for everyone, However, individuals with good cognitive abilities and a practical, self-directed orientation will benefit from many of the tools and tactics presented here free of charge. To help determine whether a 12-Step treatment program or a change strategy based on enhancing your ability to cope with stress and temptation is a better match for you, please take The Treatment Matching Test. This confidential assessment is scored on your computer and is available at no charge. If you find that our self-directed approach matches your attributes, you may begin your passage to good outcome by assessing your current vulnerabilities using the Trap Detector. Use these results to guide your way through the materials available on this website, or to discuss with one of our clinicians online.

Our self-guided treatment manual: The Path of Greatest Advantage. is available for sale, and is recommended for those who are well matched with this approach. Professional consultation is available by phone, email, secure chat, and in person at our psychotherapy office in Austin, Texas. For more information, or to begin the process of extricating yourself, please call our office (512) 343-8307.